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Telavivster is a digital junction where the fresh energy of Tel Aviv meets local slang and connects art, music and local fashion.Tel Aviv, like many other international capitols, lures in talented young people,
creating a vibrant ground for cultural development in many fields.
Tel Aviv’s fertile environment bred a generation of artists,
designers and musicians who have their fingers on the pulse of the city’s exuberant heartbeat.
Tel Aviv has a unique blend of Mediterranean and urban culture,
making it difficult not to fall in love at first sight.
Telavivster was born out of the desire to highlight
all of the innovation and creativity that is bubbling over in Tel Aviv.
Our main focuses are:
1 . To showcase the work of designers, photographers and other artists living and working in the city.
To support local art and to promote collaboration between active members of the artistic community.
2 . To expose lovers of fashion, design and music from all over the world to the
awesome Tel Avivsters who donate their input to our site.
3 . To sell a high level clothing line with an authentic, local statement and identity.
4 . To offer a cool guide to the city for hipster and metro-chic tourists.